So I have recently been investigating Postgres and PostGIS. I am not a DBA, nor claim to be one, but I am interested in this database, because one of our departments at the city is using it. I have also been interested in it for personal reasons and to tie with other open source software such as GeoServer for web GIS and QGIS (or uDIG) for general GIS work. It was easy enough to download. I installed the latest version, 9.1 and PostGIS 1.5. There is a one-click install for Windows and for Linux and you have the option to install PostGIS and the drivers for connecting with other environments such as ArcGIS. In addition, there is pgAdminIII, a GUI for managing the various instances of Postgres databases and a shapefile loader to "import" shapefiles into Postgres.

Nothing real new here, especially if you have an aptitude to look in stuff like this. I am really hoping to get the Postgres DB working with ArcGIS10, so I can create some table views to work with so they can reduce the data formatting tasks they are currently doing. The Dept using Postgres would need to "see" tables using ArcView (no ArcSDE) available for this group, so I am trying to take this angle.

So I was able to create a simple table (non-spatial) and I was able to import shapefiles into Postgres. I have also been able to make a connection to my new databases via OLE connections through ArcCatalog, however, I cannot get the contents of the data to show up, so something is amiss....

To the ESRI forums I went and quickly found a similar problem, posted 2011.


Looks like the default 'public' schema that is provided by PostGIS cannot be "seen" by ArcGIS10 and the recommendation is to create the data using a different schema (i.e. one other than 'public'). So, I did this and with no-avail, this did not seem to work for either a plain table or with the spatial data I created from importing a shapefile. I poked around the net some more and have not come up with anything too useful to help me with my ArcGIS plights.

I then tried to view the data in a different GIS, so I installed uDIG. With a little finagling, I was able to get my imported shapefile to PostGIS to show up in uDIG. Good news on one front, just not the ArcGIS front. So my Postgres (PostGIS) data seems to be in-tact, but something is still going on with ArcGIS.

One thing I did not check is the supported PostGres version for ArcGIS. I believe it is PostGres 8.4 and PostGIS 1.4 for a Windows 32- bit OS.



Looking at the forums, I may need to run the PostGres version from the ArcGIS media and then separately install PostGIS 1.4.

I also found this post too saying ArcGIS 10.1 supports Postgres 9.0 and PostGIS 1.4 for 32- bit OS and 1.5 for 64-bit OS.


My gut feeling is there are still going to be some additional "configuration" pieces in order for this to work.

Creating a Query Layer in ArcMap 

I suppose this is really what I want to do. (There may be an issue in ArcCatalog, but this might work in ArcMap). I will see...


I guess some of my own words of wisdom.

1. Check the supported version of the software before installing and investigate what you are trying to accomplish beforehand.

2. Read through some of the numerous documentation ArcGIS has to provide some kind of overview of the process.  There are a number of related documents that provide information, but you may still be scratching your head until you delve into it on your own....and then re-consult the ArcGIS documentation.

3. Ask questions to the forum and provide a well thought out response and provide supporting information such as screen shots, error messages, examples of work that you are trying to accomplish.

4.  If you are fortunate enough to have DBAs and other experienced staff, in-house, use them as resources too!

More to come...

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