Ubuntu and GIS...attempt 2

I have a renewed vision for running and using Ubuntu open source OS and various GIS packages, etc. Luckily, I have a nice IT friend that has given me a little push, so I am in the midst of doing this again, with the hope of offering others the same encouragement. See Mark Perry's blog in the subject a couple of years ago...this is where I first heard about it.

So I currently have the latest versions of Ubuntu and the following GIS packages on a system. Do internet searches on these to obtain the download info. These work on Ubuntu and Windows...
QGIS - open source GIS with a good interface, pretty easy to use and has GRASS embedded in it. QGIS also has some capability to do GPS to shapefile and vice versa for GPS.

GRASS - open source image processing. Been around for a long time, but not very easy to use. I am taking a look at this again and seeing what QGIS can/can't do with it.

Anyone out there that would like to share/collaborate with me, drop me a line...Students of mine...feel free to get it going as well (even on Windows) and let me know. I would genuinely like to know more, but the Earth Day is only 24 hrs long. You might even be able to work on it for credit in the Work Experience class at American River College.....

PostgreSQL - open source relational database
PostGIS - PostgreSQL spatial add on

GPS Babel- open source GPS converted to dozens of GPS formats, manufacturers.

Opticks - open source remote sensing software. Solaris 32 and 64 bit are supported. I am looking into see if Ubuntu version is supported. It may be limited. I strongly suggest this software, I use it in my remote sensing classes, and I have developed algorithms for them as well.

I encourage discussion and collaboration on it, so keep me in the loop and feel free to post on this.
As for me I hope to create some GIS data in the various supported formats and be able to use them in ArcGIS, since ArcGIS will accept shapefile, postgreSQL, and a variety of raster data formats.

I am also looking into putting a virtual machine on my system as well so I can function in both worlds unless I find out I can function well in one.

Yours in Open Source NMC