JenningsPlanet Organic Family Urban Farm EarthDate - 07.31.2010

Bed 1

I have been harvesting cherry and large tomatoes from the garden. I also have 3 poblanos almost ready. I have started a new batch of lettuce and carrots that I put in 2 weeks ago. First real leave are appearing.

Bed 2

Started 12 bush bean seeds. Currently 3 are coming up. I realized that one of the potato pieces I planted a couple of months ago is growing leaves. Maybe I will get a batch of potatoes. I also started 3 sweet potato cuts to see if these will start. My Japanese Eggplant which did have at least 4 flowers only has one developing eggplant. We will see if this survives.

Bed 3

My mandarin tree that I thought was dead, looks to be alive. It is producing flowers and buds and leaves, so hopefully, my little tree will make it. The pear tree did not make it. The fig tree has 7 developing figs. The cherry that I thought wouldn't make it has good leaves, but no flowers. I will probably need to wait until next year to see if I get any production.


One amazing thing this growing season, is I have been able to successfully start at least 6 tomato plants that actually started from seed in my developed compost pile. This (accidental) method was more successful than trying to start them from seed in seed trays. I know it had a lot to do with the soil temperature. Some even came up in a bed that I just threw compost on and mixed in with the soil.


I also built 2 starter boxes from recycled cedar boards I picked up in my neighborhood from a fence remodel.

I am planning on starting onions and brussel sprouts in these boxes and then transplanting them into my garden once sprouted.