Python and ArcGIS 10

I just completed a webinar produced by ESRI on Python and the new release of ArcGIS 10.  Some very cool tools/functions coming out, especially with being able to access the map document, layers, table of contents, extents, etc., being able to create PDF map books, etc.  Looks like one can write some code within ArcMap to run some simple processes such as a tool or any other process.  The same thing can be done with a script attached to a custom tool.  In either case the output can be automatically added to the Table of Contents.
Here are some highlights from the webinar.

Comments welcome.  For those in the Sacramento Region (or not), I teach a class at American River College, Geog 375, Introduction to GIS programming.  Completely Python and ArcGIS and on-line.

1.   Can build Python code in Field Calculator

2.  arcpy is now the primary module for ArcGIS (replaces arcgisscritping)

3.  Script within ArcMap.  Have a Python Script tool within ArcMap.  Brings up a Python script window at the bottom of the map interface.  Can run in the background and do other map work while script is running.  The script results add the output to the table of contents. 

4.  can import extension modules (e.g. spatial analyst [sa])

5. Type commands from ArcGIS (Python script window at bottom of ArcMap window.

6.  Python 2.6.5 will be supported on ArcGIS 10.  Previous Python scripts and syntax should work with ArcGIS 10

7.  Import arcpy into Python IDE to see geoprocessor code completion

8.  Mapping Module:

              arcpy.mapping, automate map workflows, update/repair data sources (use a loop to do this!)

              access layers, create reports

              create PDF map books

              add/remove layers from table of contents

              definition query, transparency, rotation, scale, etc

              turn on/off labels

9.  OS Support - Windows XP, Vista, 7

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