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The second weekend in May, Mother's Day.

Starting Seeds...

of any sort, pitiful. I do have a couple of prospects of

Brussel Sprouts

but only a few out of the dozens I attempted to start (tomatoes, peppers, tomatoes, okra, peas, squash, zucchini, etc) are atually making it. I think my biggest challenge was keeping the seeds warm and with enough light during the starting phase. I really didn't have any place in my house to really do this.

So a project over the summer in preparation for the fall is to convert my shed into a greenhouse!

As a result of my seed propagation failure, I bought plants:

Cherry Tomato (1)
Hot House (1)
Japanese Egg Plant (1)
Basil (2)
Poblano Peppers (3)
Round Red (1)
Okra (2)

Strawberries (1 bag)

Onions were coming up from the bulbs I started earlier in the year. The spacing could have been a little better, but they are coming up.

I transplanted Rosemary and Oregano from a pot I had.

Box 1

Tomato, Poblano, Eggplant, Garlic

Box 2

Lettuce, Basil, Okra, Garlic

Box 3

Started Sunflower, Palm seeds
I found in downtown Sacramento,


Is going well. This is the most successful part of my garden, since all I have to do is through my food waste and yard waste in there and turn once in awhile :)

My First Lettuce Salad

I managed to clip enough lettuce I started from seed in my garden for a salad.

My son planted a couple of pumpkin seeds in the garden. We will see if they come up. I also (re) planted a couple of zucchini and squash seeds. Hopefully, these will come up.

Here is a picture of a succulent garden I have that I keep adding to from time to time.

A Happy Accident

I noticed when I was watering my blue berries that I have two small tomato plants underneath my blue berries!! What a surprise. I will try and transplant it to my tomato garden.

Front Yard Orchard

The cherry has some new viable buds on it, so my transplant did not kill it :)

I managed to transplant the pear from a pot to the yard. I am still not sure if it will make it. I did give it some organic fertilizer in the soil and some good watering.

The lemon and lime tree had flower buds on it, but I think the bugs ate them. We will see if any fruit comes to fruition.

The mandarin is still a twig, but I am still hopeful. Some set of leaves are coming out of the ground, but I think it is a privit seedling. If so, it will go.

The fig is the most vigorous. Leaves are growing well. A new bud looks like it is appearing down at the base of the tree. I will see what comes of this.


Flowers seem to be growing well. The flowers from last year are coming back, the roses are in bloom, however with a bit of leaf rust. The lilacs are doing well and the little bushes in front are producing more leaves each day!

The lone lily is about 4 feet tall! I can't wait for the blooms to appear.

I threw some flax seeds in the spot where my lemon tree is.

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