BioIntensive Gardening

One of the more well known methods of organic gardening, BioIntensive Gardening lends itself to take a small plot of land (garden space) and turn it into a productive area for growing food. With the latest downturn in the economy and people needing to "be creative" in being able to get by with much less, turning an a small "urban space" into an area where a family can offset some of their food cost while being more gentle to the environment as well as know where their food comes from and to care for it, BioIntensive Gardening is one option.

Coined by John Jeavons in the early 1970's, he is a world wide proponent of productive organic gardening in small spaces and to help the soil be more "alive" and productive. His working farm is in Willits, CA.

This is one area I am spending a good portion of my time learning and trying as part of my own Urban Garden. Luckily, I live near a working organic urban farm, Soil Born Farms, where I can gain on-site information and knowledge that I can translate into my own experience.

Come back to see how my experience expands my own backyard geography.

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