BioInensive Garden Class

I was able to attend the biointensive gardening class yesterday at SoilBorn Farms. Julie and Alison from Peas and Harmony gave the class. It was a great introduction to biointensive gardening and the basics to work the soil, perform close planting, and keep the soil healthy and your garden functional all year around! Thank you Julie and Alison!

As a result of the class, I was thinking about my back and side fences in my back yard that are now overgrown with grass and still has the clay soil since I have not put any amendments in it. I did manage to clean them out last year and dig up the dirt, but not much else at this point. I do get a bit of shade on both fences, however the side fence does get some afternoon sun, especially in the summer.

Back Fence (South side of property)

South side somewhat shady most of the day. Probably good for flowering shrubs. I have a Japanese Maple (~4 yrs old) in foreground.

Backyard Side Fence (West side of property)

2 lilacs present in foreground. Potato tree by the telephone box in the far corner.

So I was thinking of planting wheat, rye, and/or oats here in the fall, which will serve as my brown material in the winter for my compost. The plan is not to grow grains for eating, but for keeping my compost and soil maintained....so I will try this out.

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