Urban Garden

Spring is trying to get here and I am trying to get my garden going as well. For the last few years of creating and planting raised beds, my what should be "green thumb" is rather brown or gray. I thought I might start out this year with actually testing my soil. My son made this his science project, which actually got him to a District science fair. Turns out my soil is basically depleted of Nitrogen and Phosphorus, but ok with Potassium. pH is neutral.

So a few weeks ago (early March), I added the following:

Chicken Manure - 1 bag over all three boxes
Steer Manure - 1 bag per garden box
My own Compost - a number of shovel fulls of compost

Mixed all of this in.

About 3 weeks ago, I planted my gardens:

Box 1

(all seeds

Pasilla peppers
Cherry Tomatoes - planted in a circle
Big Boy Tomatoes - planted in a circle

Box 2

Lettuce Mix
Garlic - from a head of garlic
Onion bulbs



Box 3

Beans - planted in circles
Brussel Sprouts
Green Onions

Lately, the temperature has been in the high50's low 60's. Two weeks ago it was 70 in the day, 50 at night. I think it has been a little too cold for the little seeds to germinate.

In addition to planting my garden and keeping my options for planting going, I also started inside:

Starter Box 1

Tomatoes (cherry and big boy)
Pasilla Peppers

Starter Box 2

Tomatoes (cherry and big boy)

The beans are currently in a wet paper towel and germinating

The tomatoes have germinated after 1 week. The peppers have not germinated.
I have not used any light source on them other than the light that comes through my back sliding door and kitchen table.

I have also started pepper seeds in a wet paper towel, but no germination after 1 week.

Currently, lettuce, carrots, and brussel sprouts have sprouted in the garden. Garlic tops have appeared from my planted garlic cloves. All the rest has not germinated.

I do think my soil still has too much clay. I probably should have added 2-3 bags of good topsoil and a little more steer manure. I did not add any lime, or phosphorus or other phosphorus additive. I am attempting for pure organic and trying to develop my soil. I do have plenty of earth worms moving around, so I know the soil has some good stuff in it.

Okra, Peas, Cilantro

Today, I just planted okra, peas, and cilantro in an attempt to germinate other plants indoors while it is still cold.


On the side of my yard, I do have black berry bushes with buds and one of my two blue berry bushes have buds and the other is doing ok.

Fruit Trees

I bought fig and cherry tree and have yet to install them in raised boxes in my front yard. The cherry is questionable. The leaves that were on there when I bought is are dying, but I do see some new green buds appearing. The fig is doing well. The lemon and lime have sprouted new leaves and the lemon has new buds about to open. The mandarin still has a green stem, but I am awaiting an new signs of recuperation. The pear tree has no buds on it and I am not sure the pear is going to sprout any buds.

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