JPL 2009 Open House

Just returned from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Open House....Very cool!! Check out the slide show!

JPL 2009 Open House Slide Show

I have never been to this event, but I am amazed at what JPL is doing. They have their hand in so many things.

One of the high lights is the 2011 expected Launch of the Mars Science Lab.

Earth Science - Remote Sensing

Atmospheric Science - Hurricanes, Ocean currents, tornadoes

Geology - LiDAR, RADAR, subsidence, micro changes in elevation, Earth Quake detection

Water/Ice - snow pack, water, ice monitoring


nano machines, chemistry and physics to build nanotechnology

Material Science

Chemistry and Physics

to create and produce thin films, silicon wafers

All of these are used in imaging systems

Imaging Systems (for terrestrial and extra terrestrial uses)

UV sensors, Infrared (short and long wave), LiDAR, RADAR

Solar Technology

multi-band solar cells to power probes, robots, space craft

Fuel Cell Technology

for powering probes, robots, etc.

Electronics development for sensors and probe function


Rovers that are/will be on Mars and other planets

Aeronautical Engineering

Spacecraft, orbital sensors and systems, launch vehicles, vehicles for carrying payload to planetary surfaces and atmospheres

They also have entreprenureal opportunities, too!


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