City of Redlands and Sign Inventory

A person who read my article in ArcUser sent me this link to what the City of Redlands is doing. They are using Street View of the Google Map to assist them in identifying and locating street signs. Check my Subscribed to links on the right or click here:

City of Redlands Sign Inventory


Rapid Eye Releases Demo Imagery

Rapid Eye launched a series of satellites simultaneously in Aug 2008. Check out some of the galleries and data.

5m multispectral image data (5-band) B,G,R,NearRed, NIR

One of their benefits is they can capture a tremendous quantity of high-res data in a fairly short time.



Ode to a Tree

Well, the City is underway with the Urban Forest Services Tree Inventory. Davey Resources, the consultant on hand to complete the citywide inventory of city-managed trees, has been working for a month now and has about 10% complete.

In the meantime, I have been working on the back-end GIS data management infrastructure setting up the SDE transactional and publication environments using SDE Replication and Synchronization that will eventually hold the tree inventory data as well as developing some processes to create spatial SDE table views that will be used in the work order management side of things using Infor Enterprise Asset Management.

Just finished a Python script to create attribute domains out of the look up tables provided by Davey.

I will update as progress is being made.