Onion Creek and Cascade Lakes

Went on another adventure with the kids to explore some more of the North Fork. Again, I didn't get too far because I have a 7yr old and the fact we did not leave until 11:30AM to drive over an hour to any trail head.

Onion Creek

Based on a recommendation from the North Fork of the American River Alliance, I took off for Soda Spring to see how far I could drive towards the Royal Gorge. We went a few miles in just past Ice Lakes Resort and were able to drive pretty much up to a precipice where I took some photos. We continued on down, down towards Onion Creek. When we reached the 1st significant hair pin, I decided to turn around. I didn't want to get much further, just in case I ran into trouble, plus I wanted to check out the trail head near Palisade Lake that would take me down to the North Fork.

Cascade Lakes

So we did make it to the Palisades Trailhead (it is now about 4pm) and I did want to get out of the suburban. We walked about 45 min to an hour. I did notice that the North Fork would be about 7 mi which I will keep in mind for another day. I definitely want to go back and will probably do so in the spring when the water is up and flowing. The Cascade Lakes are of course very dry during this time of year, very dry...

All in all, it was another good scouting adventure and will come back to fully experience the glory of this trail.

China Trail

Another post I came across in the NFARA blog was a description of a hike that Russel Towle and a friend did a couple of years ago that starts around the Emigrant Gap area and trails down the North Fork. I will need to do this on my own or maybe with my son (12), since there will be a lot of driving and hiking.

I am eager to get to the North Fork at some point in time.

I am working on an overall map of the North Fork piecing together the 1:24,000 topo maps to make a large poster size wall map. I will post pics when I get them. I also want to put together a nice hill shade of the are too from USGS DEM data.

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