North Fork Shaded Relief Topo Maps

I just finished a set of 1:24,000 scale shaded relief topo mosaics (42" x 60") for the North Fork of the American River. The maps include a good portion of the Middle Fork as well to help me plan and prepare my hiking trips. Check out my website JenningsPlanet-->Gallery for PDFs of the maps and more. I will likely make some minor updates and post some pure shaded relief renditions of the area as well. I may prepare some smaller versions of these as well as post the actual 1:24,000 PDFs that come from the USGS for this area. All of the information came from the USGS National Map Viewer and can be downloaded for free. The trimmed topos without the collar can be downloaded from the Cal-Atlas (aka CASIL) site for free. I created the maps using ArcGIS 9.3.1.

If you decide to print them out, they will take about 15-20 minutes to spool to an HP Plotter 4500.

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