Mapping Urban Forest Canopy in Sacramento

I just finished a draft urban forest canopy layer for downtown Sacramento. I developed this for material to present to my Remote Sensing Class and for my students to work on for a lab. I developed a process to extract out urban forest canopy from other features in high resolution QuickBird satellite imagery. This is draft, so other refinement is necessary. I will update when it is complete. Imagery July 2006 QuickBird Satellite (2 ft, 0.6m) Software Used: Feature Analyst 4.2 for ArcGIS

Urban Forest Canopy (DRAFT)

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Dan Kennedy said...

Is the Quickbird data multispectral? I have found 2007 high altitude color data from my county site. I've only had one ArcGIS class, but I would like to do this for my city. Do you think I might be able to do this with the Spatial Analyst toolbox? Thanks, Dan