Routing Them Garbage Trucks 4-10 Good Buddy!

My latest endeavor from the JenningsPlanet is to help a Solid Waste Supervisor re-route Garbage, Recycling, Greenwaste, and Street Sweeping trucks throughout Sacramento for a possible 4 day/10 hr work day.

Using RouteSmart ($50,000) - sits on top of ArcGIS

9 days of training with RouteSmart - a definite necessity

Correcting some of our Customer data records and Geocoding so I can get the correct street segment for routing.

Many runs testing various parameters of RouteSmart to reduce routes, increase workload, and save the City of Sacramento some money.

Contact me for more details.

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Hino Trucks said...

Sounds very intresting, do you have any further details about RouteSmart training?