Tales from a Python Script

Much of this year has been spent writing Python code for a Rental Inspection Program for the City of Sacramento. I have developed a series of Python scripts that I manually start that creates several files for a 3rd party hosted application. The scripts I write process existing and new SDE feature classes (this is an experience in itself). I have learned a lot through this process:

- Creating SDE table views (very cool way to process large quantities of data, but somewhat difficult to track bugs)

- Finding bugs that a programmer would assume would be caught. For example, non-existent field mappings not being picked up through exception tracebacks

- Still in wonder why my SDE Table views to Feature Class processes don't want to transfer all the data in the table view to my output feature class.

Overall, my application development has proved worthy for the Code Enforcement Dept, since the data I am creating serves as the fundamental data for the citywide Rental Inspection Program.

For this project I have developed:

1. Python scripts to process the data
2. Develop a 5 year priority plan based on census tracts (all GIS Analysis based)
3. Create maps and templates to use for field maps and status maps.

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