Mobile GIS Field Data Collection Prospects

In my search for a Tablet PC that can run ArcPad and connect a bar code scanner, I have come up with two possibilities that I am hoping to test.

1. Dell Samsung (~$1000)

This little job offers a 7" display screen running Tablet XP OS, only 1.5 lbs and a little more display real estate than a PDA, makes this a good candidate for the City of Sacramento's water meter mapping. We should be able to connect a bar code scanner to collect the necessary water meter information.

2. HP C5 Mobile Computer (~$2800)

I am even more impressed with this little gizmo. 10.4" screen with a built in bar code scanner, 3 lbs. Runs Tablet PC and will run ArcPad.

I hope to test both products and report back. I am also hoping that our utilities dept. settles on one of these items.


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