XY Project and National Grid

Something I heard on a Sunday morning NPR radio bit a month or 2 ago. It is called the National Grid (USNG) and a project that is promoting its use as a "flat" alpha numeric reference system for, at a minimum, the United States. It is called the XY Project. Being in government as well as part of an Emergency Operation Unit such a system may provide some valuable benefit, especially if local, state, and federal government need to cooperate (and they often do in any major disaster).

The National Grid is based on the UTM coordinate system and is similar to the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS), both of which are available on many kinds of GPS units, GIS, and mapping systems. This system has the ability to provide location information down to a meter and can be applied on a world-wide scale.

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Very cool. I am learning more about the National Grid. Thank you for the info!