Landsat Imagery Worldwide

Here is a link to obtain Mr. Sid format Landsat data anywhere in the world. Great for viewing and teaching. Not good for image classification or other derived image data.

Landsat Imagery from NASA


GPS Enable your Pet

Kind of Reverse GeoCaching

My wife wanted me to devise a gadget for one our neurotic cats...I already knew there was something out there...a bit pricey $350 + monthly service fee + $35 activation fee.

However, on our latest loss, the cat did show up with an infected ear. After it got worse and taking it to the vet and $200 later, $350 may not sound so bad....or you can opt for another cat, if it doesn't return.

For those of you interested:

Global Pet Finder

Free ArcObjects Web Seminar

This is a FREE web seminar presented by ESRI. You will have to establish a global username and password (free) if you don't already have one. This is a useful thing to have, especially if you do or will be doing a lot of GIS using ESRI software. I encourage all my students to review the seminar as an additional exposure to ArcObjects.

Let me know if you have any issues/problems. I recommend headphones and a broadband/T1 connection. Take notes.

ESRI ArcObjects Web Seminar