ESA RADAR Processing Tutorials and Free Software

I am working on putting together some RADAR processing tutorial materials from a variety of sources so that students and others can work on RADAR data on their own. This is a work in progress, so please be patient. Check back often for updates to materials and other documents).


1 of many to come

Processing of Polarametric RADAR Data. Data collected with multiple look angles (HH, VV, HV)
HH = Horizontal Incident and Return
VV = Vertical Incident and Return
HV/VH = Horizontal or Vertical Incident/ Return

ESA Polarimetry Tutorials -this is a set of tutorials (3 parts)

Free Software POLSARPro
The software and tutorials go over how to work with Polarized RADAR data, specifically with POLSARPRo. The tutorials are mostly math. PolSARPro currently works with a variety of airborne RADAR Sensors (eg. AirSAR), and a couple of satellite RADAR systems (EnviSat, and RADARSAT). There are a couple of other satellite RADAR systems that will be available in the future.

Active Tcl - POLSARPro requires this to be installed
POLSARPRo - PolSARPro 2.0 Beta 7 release

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giso said...

Thank you very much for your blog. Nice blog. I am looking for tutorial about radar processing. Is it possible using radar for forest monitoring with the mountainous area ? Thank you.