I have added a Photogrammetry book to my list since I use it in my Remote Sensing Class. This is one of the premier texts on the math and science behind the rectification of aerial imagery. Again, these are on the right side under "Books I Teach From."


Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation - Lillesand, Kiefer, Chipman - 5th ed, 2005

Publisher: Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471152277

Introduction to Digital Image Processing, John Jensen, 3rd ed, 2004
Publisher: Prentice Hall

GPS Made Easy: Using the Global Positioning System in the Outdoors, Lawrence Letham, 4th ed, November 2003
Publisher: Mountaineers Books
ISBN: 0898868238

Build Your Own Database Driven Website Using PHP & MySQL, 3rd edition, 2004, Kevin Yank
Publisher: SitePoint

Getting to Know ArcObjects: Programming ArcGIS with VBA, October 2003, Robert Burke
Publisher: ESRI Press
ISBN: 1-58948-018-X

Elements of Photogrammetery with Applications in GIS, Wolf and DeWitt, 3rd ed, 2000
Publisher: The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.
ISBN: 0-07-292454-3


GeoMullah said...

In school three years ago I took Remote Sensing from the geography department and Photogrammetery from the civil engineering department. Both complemented one another very well. Being the only geographer in the photogrammetery course I found Photogrammetery to be very challenging and rewarding, especially since the CE professor spoke mostly chineese and taught from a chineese photogrammetery book, and I made it through with an A. I wonder if my geography department classmates are missing out. Or, if it is standard in most geography departments not to teach photogrammetery apart from remote sensing?

Although, it could just be a difference of whether you get the ERDAS training module early in RS too?

Naticus Cartographica said...

I just finished my lecture (2am) for the Photogrammetry and Digital Orthophoto Generation section of my Remote Sensing Course.

I actually did not have this in the original syllabus, but actually found it rewarding to prepare....it's been 10 years since I took several Photogrammetry courses. The "class" I prepared is for my Remote Sensing class which is covering a range of topics (rectification, classification, RADAR, data merging, fundamentals, satellite sensors, etc).