Bait the Trap for RAT

I have added a link under Free software for RADAR image processing called RAT (RADAR Tools ~2.5 Mb). Download the binary zip file. It is developed by the Berlin University of Technology. It does require IDL Virtual Machine (~180 Mb download). IDL stands for Interactive Data Language, developed by RSI. There is a link for this too. Also, download the sample data.

Both of these are cross-platform, so if you are not a Window's user, then choose your OS flavor.

1. Install the IDL Virtual Machine...you don't have to install the full IDL
2. Unzip and follow directions for the install of RAT. See website above for Windows install details.
3. Download and unzip sample data (3).
4. Check help and on-line help for additional information about functions, algorithms, etc.

Now, go catch that RAT!

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