Google Earth!

This is one of the coolest "Geography" things I have recently seen. This is a beta for Google....
Check out the free Google Earth download as well as Google Earth Plus for $20/year to use with your GPS, and Google Earth Pro $400/year for enterprise/business solutions for use with GPS and your own GIS data. With the Pro version you can make 3D flythrough movies. Imagery provided by Digital Globe and EarthSat via Keyhole.


Minnesota DNR Garmin for ArcGIS

Check out the MN DNRGarmin Link to the right to get a program to download GPS data from Garmin into ArcGIS.


DHTML SitePoint Excerpt Ch. 1-4

Click the link below to obtain an excerpt from a newly released DHTML Book from SitePoint

SitePoint DHTML Excerpt Ch. 1-4


DynoSeg and Networks

My latest struggle is with Linear Referencing (aka Dynamic Segmentation) of street centerlines for various applications. There are some cool tools within ArcGIS....the big wonder is how to maintain and update the referencing. I will be getting some insight next week, so I will be back. Also, the Network Analyst has some nice functions as well to do point to point routing, direction creation, and service areas.



Great Bear Rainforest

This is an article I came across in the Nature Conservancy Magazine. Take a peek at the photo essay.

Great Bear Rainforest
The Rainforest Solutions Project


ESRI Developers Network (Coding) with the Release of ArcGIS 9.1

With the launch of ArcGIS 9.1 there is a new location for obtaining scripts of various sorts by ESRI staff and users. This area at ESRI replaces ArcObjects Online and ArcGISDeveloper Online will server as a place for archived scripts for ArcGIS 8.3 and ArcGIS 9. The ESRI Developers Network (EDN) will be the new location for all scripting needs. You will be able to obtain scripts for a variety of languages and ESRI products including ArcView Avenue scripts and AMLs.

To find scripts you will need to go to the Coding Exchange and do searches for samples there.

Python and Web GIS

Read up about how Python is being used for a variety of Web-Based GIS applications.

See the links below how Python is being used in Web Application Servers, Map Servers, and Networking Frameworks.

There is also a good brief on these in the latest edition of ArcUser Magazine (April-June 2005)